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The following pages are photos from the 70's through to the 80's UK Rod Scene. Photos that have been sent to me from Uk-Hotrods readers. If you have any old photos of old Rods then send me a scanned copy to put on these pages as a tribute to our UK Heritage. Cheers. Click here to send

Not all photos are of Rods, some are Customs, some pure Street machines, many Street Rods some Hot Rods.. even lowriders and Trucks. Such is our history they all deserve a place here, to show who and what molded the present scene.. I would like photos from the 90's if anyone has any they would like to share. The UK Rodding scene took a massive leap in the 90's, with the likes of Hi-Tec Rods and the Low Flyers rubbing shoulders, both styles had many admirers.

Pages  1 2 & 4, are now on another section, titled My History.
This section, is now purely for photos, that people have sent me.

Page 3
Photos from ukhotrods Member Boycee (Tel Hamsworth) show Andromeda and the famous Humber with the sump on it bonnet among others.

Page 5
Dave Palmer, Pete Fowler and Alphabet Alex's Rods from not to long ago. (photos by Bob Luxford)

Page 6
Brain Anker has sent some great photos of C Cabs Jago T's and Pops and Pilot etc from a Southern Roadsters Meet from 1977/8

Page 7
Dave Colbeck's Meaner than a Junk Yard Dog Camaro, Geoff Kremer's Berpop, the late Dave Grady's 57 Fairlane , Tim Wesley's A40 Van (now Dave Browns Hi-Tec one) Pipe Dream and Satan's Pawn to name a few.

Page 8
A young Kev Rooney, Pip Bidllecombe's Stage Coach, Yellow T from 83 (Hey that rhymes),  loads more A's, B's and Pop's. from Bob Luxford

Page 9
 More from Bob Luxford inc Moulin Rouge & Shugs's 32 + many more.

Page 10
Resereved for 70's 80's Customs, all jacked and trick painted, has a couple more photos of my old Cortina, Bob Luxfords Mk2,  Zody's, Cresta's, Escort vans and stuff like that.

Page 11
More Bob Luxford Photos, Fendered Roadster, Coupes, Sedans and a couple of Devon's. Again any help identifying these Rods would be much appreciated oh and Page 12.

Page 12
Nostalgia style Rods (from Bob Luxford)

Page 13
Jeff Becks 34/32, Andromeda, Pips Low Blow, Jago coupes and more

Page 14
Pops, Bobs Cortina & Camaro, Hi Riding Flamed Victor.

Page 15
Some great shots from a Rod Run from Oxford to Beaulie in 1972 from Brian Lucas and some of Brian's 32 in early guise.

Page 16
Novel T, Drips Plumbing, Rutherford Roadster, Geoff cousins Pop and a whole lot more.

Page 17
34's, Pops, 32's 

Page 18
 Dave Cummings. Beaulie Show 1982 and another at Kent.

Page 19
More from Dave Cummings its now 1983, Thruxton and Detling runs.

Page 20
1984 - 1989 Brands Hatch and Horsham photos by Dave Cummings

Page 21
Andromeda exclusive photos from Dave Cummings one of it after the crash. plus many more rods from the 90's

Page 22
Beaulie 1991 photos courtesy of Steve Ayling.

Page 23
More great  1970's photos from Brian (Brizey) Lucas.

Page 24
Some great 70's photos sent in by Gary Clegg

Page 25
Moulin Rouge, Rubellion, Shug's 32, Small Fry and more all from Mick Tebbs

Page 26
Part 2 from Metalflake Mick Tebbs

Page 27
Photos from Roy Bridgewood, Satan's Pawn, Steve Henshaws A and a couple of Roy's old Rods. Just added some more photos from Steve Walker.

Page 28
Photos from Dave Pritchard, some of the 70's Bardsea Rod Run (Cumbria), Rainy City Stand at Belle Vue 81.

Page 29
The oldest Photos so far from ex Pat Bill Taylor now living Canada and is a feature writer for the Toronto Star go look now these will knock your socks off.

Page 30
Photos from Mark Thornton, some really great shots from the 80's with Andy Saunders Rainbow Chaser, Pip Biddlecombes Stage Coach, Gone in 60 seconds Mustang and many many more.. Oh and Kev Rooney's old Zephyr  Just added Smax's first Yank and a nice story from Odgie his best mate.

Page 31
This page has a couple of cars form the 80's built and owned by Johnny Oldham More added December 04

Page 32
Steve Walkers Prefect, Tony Shailer's Moggy and Steve Stringers T bucket ( in New Zealand).

Page 33
Some great photos from Kevin Elson, from the 70's and 80's Alien, Andy Saunders early stuff, loads of Moggy's, Paul Kemptons Couped Pop etc etc

Page 34
More from Kevin Elson, Fordsons from Keith Atkinson, Paul Kennedy, and more, Mini's, Moggy's, V12 Roadster and wild 33 Willy's etc

Victory Wheelers shows 1986 - 1992
More great photos from Mark Thornton

My Mate Odgie
Some photos of my mate Odgie from the 70's + bonus page a snippet from a Preston paper on Smax at 23yrs Old

New Page 35?
Martin DeAth 's Macabre T C-Cab built in the 70's maybe coming back out soon

Page 36a & 36b
Photos from 1980 Nats from Garry not got any more info

Page 37
Ken Days T from 1972 and still owns and drives today + Chris and Pat Churches T from 1970

Page 38
Photos sent in by Stef from 1979 - 80 Knebworth and others

Page 39
Photos from Peter Nolan

Page 40
Photos from Julian Atkinson (MidWest Street Machines)

Page 41
Update on from one of the UK's favourite Jago Coupes PTP 906S and a T from 1974

I am going to have to get all these Photos in some kind of order one day

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