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Detling 1983 

Detling 1983

Dave's T now sporting Flames. Richard Cropp's Jago Model B Blown V6 at Oath School 1983

Mike Bonwicks Pop had a Rover V8 (Thruxton).

Jamie Campbell's Pop was sold, now Jamie has bought it back and is restoring it to its former glory.

Dave Cumming in this photo either had a bad case of wind or he couldn't open the door. Here he is doing the Auto Challenge at Thruxton

Chris Pinnard (Mooning) , Rob Shorter. Jamie Campbell, Tim Horsfall,  & Frank Chapman.

Tim Horsfall's Daimler V8 powered Wimble T with Jago pick up bed trailer at Thruxton 1983. Sold in early 90's to a chap in Ireland never seen since.

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