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Time to get serious: Anyone who enjoys driving a modified car or any style make or age MUST.. read and sign up to this site

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News Page

UK Rod Runs, Cruises & Events

Events Calendar ... Details of Uk Rod Runs and related events. Plan your Hot Rodding Season here. 2012 Events

Rod Run + Cruise Reports Reports from 2000- 2012

Archive of Rod Runs & Swap Meet Reports from 2000 to 2007

Cruise Venues Find out where the nearest Rod cruises to you are held.

Comprehensive Technical Help pages

Tech Help Section
Full-feature articles with diagrams covering Jag axles, steering, suspension, electrics, welding, gearing for fuel economy, brakes Cooling, build your own tear drop caravan, paint identification, even how to use trick paint etc.etc oh and how I fitted my LPG,   it's all here ... Written by some of the most respected names in the Uk Hot Rodding Scene.

Safety advice page
Worth a read, may just open your eyes (no pun intended). With graphic personal accounts of accidents that happen when building cars, prevent it from happening to you or your mates.

Technical Snippets
Rodder's give you the benefit of their mechanical, electrical, body mods etc experience. Many quick answers to your problems have a look here before you tear your hair out or give up on your rod and take up fishing!

So you wanna be a Rodder?
Know some of the pitfalls and learn the best way to go about joining the UK Rodding scene from people who have been there and done that.

Links page full of loads of helpful sites + Rodding interest.

Thing's of interest in UK Hot Rodding


Young Blood
There is often talk about who or where the young Blood for our Hobby/life style is coming from here is a new section showing just who is the young blood and where they are coming from.

Old Photos
An attempt at logging the UK Rodding History with hundreds of old photos from the late 60's onwards now 41 pages of old photos.

Rod Photos
Rods/Kustoms being used and abused, Rods out and about, the weird and wonderful and Rodders Goofing around.

Rodders Tattoos
Hot Rod related ink, making sure we are Rodder's for life. Just added arm piece from Jerry

Readers Rides
Have a look at the Rods and Kustoms of people who visit this web site. Rods, Trucks, Chops, American, Brit etc

Blatant plugs Section Some great stuff for sale from some great people, who I trust.

Rodding and the Law

MOT, SVA, Construction & Use, & importing a modified vehicle

Association of Car Enthusiasts A grave concern for all people who enjoy modifying their cars, from the simple fitting of a set of none factory wheels to an engine change and more. This site has been set up to bring us all together and try and keep our freedom to work and modify our own choice of vehicle, if we don't fight and win this one, car modifying will be no more. click on the link for the full info.

Importing a Vehicle
If you are thinking of importing a modified Vehicle from the states then read what you need to do here to stay legal.

Law and the Hot Rodder
How the law effects us now and new laws how they might. This needs a serious update.
Another useful site especially, for sorting out SVA paperwork

Kev Rooney's interpretation of it with relevance to Rods

Rods & Kustoms around the UK

Out Of Season
What do you do in your Rod when there are no rod runs to go to. Park it up or use it here are a few Rodder's who use theirs every chance they get.

Remembering our Rodding Mates
A place to share stories about Our Rodding Mates who have passed away. Please help me with this, with some photos.

Recommended by Rodder's
Businesses & individuals who have the uk-hotrods approval for honest and reliable service.

Special Thanks: to Lawrence Farr (Lozza), who has made it possible for this web site to continue, without the spiraling costs. Check Out Lawrence's projects click here
Bill (actofshed) for the fantastic web site make over and for helping me keep sane by updating many pages for me and Mark "Crafty" Craft for past help.

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