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The 1980's all photos from Dave Cummings


Ok this one is from 1979 but it was Dave's the guy who has sent me all these great photos very first Custom Car.
Had a V6, Rover Seats, Humber head lights and Lakes pipes.


This is also another of Dave Cars a T which he still has these photos are from 1981, it had just come back
from its first Mot.

Had a 1300 Crossflow and Triumph suspension and a Zody axle.


It's now 1982 and Dave has got to his first ever Rod run at Beaulie Dave says the front fenders always fell off
on long runs :>)

Dave and his Mate Wick getting ready for Beaulie

Richard Cropp's Blown V6 B at Beaulie, Wick didn't make it as his starter packed up no spare and no time to fix
so he had to go in the Cortina ;>)

Nigel Lucks B Pickup with Rob Shorter to the left, Lucy stood and Wick sat on running board.
Mark Bookman's flamed Pop next to it.

Another from Beaulie 

ATP 237V was and still is a local car to Portsmouth. Built by a couple that managed a pub near Winchester.
Ronnie is the guys name not sure of his wife's.

The Rays Rods Plymouth coupe was built by the late Al Knellor and was featured in Rod and Custom
. It was built from the remains of the Surrey Street Rodders project car as displayed at the famous USG show.
The Blue 1947 Morris E van in background belonged to Ken Brittain, it was powered by a pinto and had a full feature in the
October 1981  edition of Rod and Custom. Ken still owns the van in fact to this day and races it in the Rover V8 challenge.
(Info from Phil Mitchell no not that one)

Not sure about car in foreground the homebuilt C cab next to it though was a Southern Roadster's Rod.
Guy built in in his front room and then dismantled it and took it outside to rebuild piece by piece!
Think his name was Richard?


4 seater T was built by Ron Waters and owned by him up to about 6 years ago. Ex Southern Roadsters car.
Photo from 1982 Beaulie Run.

Kent Show in 1982

Red V6 Prefect belonged to Rob Shorter getting ready for a show in Kent.

This one is from the Kent show

A Jago B at the Kent show

and Phil Rutherford's Rover V8 B at same Kent show in 82.

Two Ray Christopher C Cabs lower one with a roof chop.

Only one that Dave knows the owner of is the Yellow Standard you can just see the back end of,
that was owned by Phil Moules and had a blown V6.

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