Replace your C3 with a A4LD

By John Hodgson

If you are using a Ford engine (in-line or V6) then rather than sticking with the C3 its just as simple to use the A4LD 4 speed.   There are two advantages over the C3. First: By playing around with final drive ratios, its possible to improve 0 to 60 without loosing top end. Second: improved fuel economy As they are an evolution of the European C3, they share a great deal in common. If you are using the oil cooler built into the radiator from your C3 then simply swap the brass pipe unions over between the C3 and A4LD, This will allow the C3 pipes to be retained.   The box is longer than the C3 which means shortening the prop. But by using various front/rear combinations of the 2 piece Ford propshafts (which are easy to separate in the middle) you can achieve a number of different lengths without cutting and welding.   Due to the extra length the rear mounting is pushed further back, however, I am about to look at a curved (Boomerang shaped) bracket from the manual Cortina (3, 4, 5). It looks like it could be the right size to line up with the old C3 body mounting points.   The mechanical Speedo drive from C3 simple replaces the electronic speed sensor.   If you find an early A4LD some had a mechanically locking torque converter. Later ones have an electronic one, however, this doesn't effect the normal running of the box if not connected. The C3 torque converter will fit the A4LD box if required. However, take care if using behind a 2.9 engine as the 2.9 drive plate is not compatible with the C3 torque converter as there is no hole for the drain plug. Although C3 (2.8) drive plates can be used with the A4LD.   Kickdown on later boxes is electric, however, simply use the pedal and cable from the donor car. all the kickdown requires is a wire to the switch (which is built into the cable) to the solenoid and one to the battery, although, I prefer to connect this via a relay so that the switch activates the relay and doesn't take the load of the solenoid   Avoid late boxes (91 - 92 onwards) as these became fully electronic and require serious wiring taking signal from the engine sensors and ECU.   Always check and replace the front oils seal before fitting. leaks from here are common.   A beefed-up version of the A4LD sits behind the 4.0 Cologne powered Explorer and Ranger. Later becoming a 5 speed and electronic.   Boxes fitted to in-line engines have different ratios to the V6 units.   Later 'T' shaped gear selectors are about the same size as the old C3 unit. early offset gate type selectors require a larger hole in the floor.   Early boxes can be soft if pushed hard.  
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