Lazing on a sunny Sunday afternoon!


Sun bleached country squire looked ace cruising about. "scruffy sod" ;o)

Well lets get up and at em eh! start the day with a full English.... er.... well after a couple of cups of coffee and empty the caravan bog... and fill the water barrels and walk the dogs and then give the Truck some spit and polish.. *Groan* work work work... oh and put the newly polished Truck gleaming in all its glory on the show field and then maybe get the breakfast on all done by me the down trodden Husband that I am ;o)...

I must say the old Truck or van as it often gets called now (Long story),, looked great shining away in the sun.. yes the sun! I was so chuffed I had got the wheels colour coded they changed the whole look of the Truck and for the better to.

So parked it was and the breaky was on full compliment washed down with several cups of coffee and I was ready for anything the day could chuck at me.

The family went in the Theme Park and me and my daughters boyfriend and my two dogs looked round the assembled cars and trade stands. There weren't to many trade stands which was a let down but there was a fair few cool cars and bikes to marvel at.

Always a varied selection of cars at Drayton and this years was no exception.

I absolutely love this 27 turtle backed T just everything is so damn right it just flows front to back nothing detracting from its coolness in anyway and that showed at trophy time to Perfection dude! Owned and built by Steve Young.

30A sedan another cool Rod so bloody ace I could spend all day looking at it!

There is something about a 300E van that I just love what a great daily one would make this being a real nice one very subtle!

41 Ford looked like my Trucks brother real sweet!

Another scruffy Sod who couldn't be bothered getting dressed up for the show ;o)

How cool are you!
Quite a few biker looking dudes now getting into the trad rod scene. I think the trends in rodding were getting far to poncey for the Biker guys, but once the trad scene came along it caught the imagination of the guys who ride bikes and fancied something a bit warmer and drier but still outlaw style *sic* to tool about in. I love it!

A suede T and a A pickup.. "Hum" ? now which one is best? only one way to find out!!!

Very Very Nice A pickup and trailer outfit and the judges agreed as it was also featured in the prize giving.

And her's one you don't have to polish quite as much eh! ;o)

Love the Fulton visor and mad 50's Aircon really make this slammed Chevy Truck stand out! great colour choice man

Here's another view of this great looking Truck.

Steve Tristram's Chevy Suburban must look mad tooling down the road with a face at every winda!

"Hum" what's this hole in the door for? Great looking truck with perfect stance, colour and wheel combo.

One of me old mates from York Street Days at the Rainy City Cruisers, I knew Wally real well in the early 70's from York street then saw him again at the NAT'S a few year back and instantly recognized him Wally is another Ex Biker gone back to Rodding in this mega cool 35 Ford Truck very useable park any where have fun will travel..

To round off the Truckfest this was one tough Pro-Stock style Chevy how tough is this Grrrrrrrrrrr Wanna Fight?

Chrysler? I dunno but what a fantastic view from dead front on.

No excuse for showing another photo of this great looking Fordson.

Whooo did I get the face or what ;o) Everybody else gets people to pose.. me I get a scowl, daughter was smiling a bit but the mother looked like I just shagged her dog!

WoW some fantastic looking Bikes got parked up these 4 were my favorites.... funny all Harley's to.

This interior I thought was dead neat nothing like I have ever seen before wood slats who would of thought of using that with loads of nice touches all over the more you looked the more you notice how real cool this truck is. 10 out of 10 dude!

Wow this brought back memories only the one and only Small Fry a Nick Butler built Rod from my youth well I was about 20 ;o) A definite UK Rodding Icon! Talking of old Icon's.... ;o) I saw this very suspicious character lurking about the show field I am sure I have seen him before well dodgy I would say!

Zodiac was also a stand out from the crowd Car, with perfect finish and fit.

No nonsense A coupe sat nice and was mega straight looked good with is none shiny paint.

Neil Meredith's Topolino was present at the prize giving and his wife Liz gave out the trophies a fitting tribute to a much loved guy who's baby was the Drayton Manor Springnats. (RIP)

Best Debut was Richard Jackson's 55 Belvedere running on big inch wheels and bags imported from Texas was perfection.

Graham Longtons home build A pick got runner up best debut this is one very nice A pickup and graham is one real nice genuine guy! About the only Tattooist I have met with no edge.

Top 5 Winner Andrew Chaddock and his stunning 48 Anglia

Mick Payne also was in the top 5 with his still looking great Fordson.

Perfect A peck em up of Karen Hemms was also a top 5 pick

Jazzy Jeff got NSRA pick in the ex Fletch 46 Chevy P{ickup

Judge award for the Fat Fanny 48 Chevy Truck of Steve Taylor my grand kids thought the name of this truck was hilarious. "Ow look grandpops Fat Fanny"

Judge Award for Steve Young and his cooler than cool 27 T

Ian Hassel still owns this 47 Ford and a testament to its superior build is that it is still winning trophies "nice one"

Allow me some self indulgence now as another top 5 winner was little old me "Embarrassed" I was so bloody chuffed I cant tell you but top 5??? I aint so sure but still I will gratefully accept the accolade and ride with it as much as I can.

Liz Meredith hands me the prized top 5 trophy...
If you are wondering what was the missing car from the top 5 it was Small Fry but I didnt get a photo?? not sure why not though sorry!

And finally getting an early start home is Mark and Melissa Gee. Byeeee seeya all at the Hot Rods and Hills do next!

I have just finished this and not proof read it as I don't have time so if I have made any mistakes or upset anyone I should of done... er sorry, shouldn't of done... then who cares ;o) S.W.A.L.K

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