Lets all have a good Polish day!

Steve Walkers Ace looking 32 coupe hanging about outside the toilets..

Yet another great looking 32 just sat around the perimeter of the show fields.

*yawn* *Stretch* *Groan*.... Bugger... is it Sunday already *Yawn*.. I'm knackered.... *Oh No I gotta Polish the knobbing Truck again!!!!! ...

Well I guess its our duty to if we are going to put our vehicles on the show field for the paying public to come look see. We owe it to them and our scene to at least make an effort.. don't we! It really isn't for us the show and shine its to promote our scene to the best we can.

And putting cars on show like Dusty's A coupe all covered in rubber like a medal of past conflict look cool as Hell, as it gives an insight to the day trippers of the fun we had the day afore.

So yeah I gave me old truck a damn good polish even though I knew it would be kak up again the next day from the drive home. When I finally got my act together to put it on the show the field/s were filling up fast.

Is that a Tractor grill I spy? cool six seater Tractor Rod!

Mickey Tebbs new ride, Hooligan style Gasser 57 Chevy. Grrrrr

And the street Rods pile in ;o)

Now hope I don't sound snobby but I really didn't want to get parked up with, what looked to me anyway, as standard Yank cars. Hey they are cool but not my scene, I like em modified, Custom or Rodded. So I sort of ignored the marshals or at least I very conveniently looked away as I passed them... so maybe I was not being told to park with the standard stuff anyway.

John Unsworth gets a start on the clean up operation on his cool 37 Phantom pickup.

Yeah even more show worthy cars go to line up on the show field.. WTF!!

I went right down past loads of cars to the end field and in the distance I saw Fletch and Ian Burton, I was determined to park close ;o)... POWER PARKER!!!!! Ha Ha.. To be honest I thought if there is a place to park a little further away with some nice cars that would do, but the marshals at the top of the field ushered me and another F100 to the same row as these top cars. You'll do for me!

So I chased after these guys.

I took a few photos for the web site and watched a few real class cars line up, nobody was sticking a red cross on my doors so I guessed I was Ok to park there and quickly exited stage left.. to have a proper look at the great looking Rods that were already lined up.

Steve Marley trying to look cool, like ya park up ya participants choice A pickup everyday at a show.. Just such a perfect Rod.

Tim Hammonds creations/masterpieces line up... cool.

Tim even dusted off his own car to line up, looking good as ever, the car that is not Tim ;o)

There was a cool line of cars that Tim Hammond had built, putting on a fantastic show on their own, though Tim has done many more than the few lined here, it was still very impressive.

As I peered into Tim's own car, Tim peered in through the opposite window and remarked how it was in need of some paint.. That is really the first time I have ever spoke to Tim other than the occasional "Hi Alright" .. I was surprised he knew who I was and I did my utmost not to appear to in awe of him... I know he is just a guy, but Man.. Tim Hammond!! Come on.. if the guy was an American doing what he does building the cars he does, he would be up there with, Boyd Coddington, Barry White, Chip Foose and other big names, actually I think he builds better cars than most of them but ya know what I mean.

He was just real easy to talk with, I tried my best not to come across as a numpty as I usually do, mostly I tried to listen and not say to much as I tend to get tongue tied and brain tied and my gob says stuff my brain has no control over ;o).. But hey yeah he was cool and I was just so pleased I had eventually got to talk with him. We talked about all sorts, and I tried not to stand with my mouth to far open as the likes of Chip and Boyd (yeah first name terms) were mentioned just like you would mention one of ya mates only these are Hot Rodding celebrities.. I was just hoping I could bluff it long enough to get to know him better but not long enough for him to see I was really not so knowledgeable.. ;o) But ya know that is what's so good about our Hobby/Obsession is everyone even right at the top is down to earth and approachable. It is just us mere mortals that need to get over our awe of their ability as they just take it for granted and love the scene just the same as us. Well that was me set up on a proper high for the day I felt like I had really achieved another goal.


I had a quick look round as I went back to make breakfast at the caravan. When we had done all the chores me the wife and the dogs set about the task of searching out the cars we liked that seemed to be hidden every now and then amongst cars that we have no real interest in. Some I wonder why they are on the show grounds at all.

I did me usual of talking shit when I met Kerry Tate on his trade stand. I admire Kerry and the Rods he builds and sometimes the more you respect someone the more ya make a twat of yourself... I seem to do it every time, so much so I try to avoid speaking to people I really like for that very same reason.. but no I had to speak and it just comes out as small talk, I said, "you sold your A then ?"... "No?.... which one?"... "Er" I said with a puzzled look on my face.... "Do you mean my brown one?"... "er yeah", I said in a quick realization that the Car I was on about was not his, but one that I had seen by his stand once, yonks ago, I put 2 and 2 together and made 3 Derrr. With that I realized I really did not know what the fuk I was on about, my gob was working again but my brain wasnt.... I felt myself get embarrassed said seeya and went for a look at the cars and made a note to myself next time think about what you are saying before ya say it!!

The times they are a changing! This is the Old Skool Retro line up!

Finally all polished and looking good.

Mike Key's 32 even though it has seen a trip across America and a slight mishap a couple of year back, it is still looking as fresh as the day it was built. Fantastic looking Roadster.

Austin 6 powered by a bent six, was a great looking all Brit Rod

I think this is a 37 Chevy 5 winda, looks a real sleeper in its flat brown skin!

Chopped and channeled tough looking A Coupe looked awesome.

Apologies to the new owner as I don't know his name. But the Ex Dan Donnati's 34 sedan though built in the 90's is still a great looking Rod and wearing exceptionally well a Testament to the build quality and the loving care the new owner has bestowed upon it to keep it this way.

Swedish? 34 was bang on the money.

Pro Street 34, just need smaller lights, unless his drag racing is done at night that is ;o)

Nice to see not everone puts crossplies on their fenderless 32's with Buick style drums. My Dog Frankie looks unimpressed.

The GMC trucks just have to have the best bumpers ever!

The Homegrown Hot Rods, by Jon Goldin as impressive as ever. Homegrown put some class rods together, here is just a few of Jons customers builds and show 3 totally different styles.

Caddy powered A coupe was pure nostalgia! and looks a bag of fun to drive.

Just trying an arty shot again, I love this mad rod, the contradictions of the new wheels and tyres against the ratty body just make it for me..

Ace looking Truck.

Mod Rod anyone! Cossie powered and wheeled by the look sure isnt following any trends.

Not ever been a Volky fan, never got it really, but this one could sway me as it looked wild!

Hey my old Pop, had a natter with the new owner, who had only bought it this Christmas from a guy in Ireland and he told me he was loving it. I owned this in the 80's though it was rover powered not big blocked as it is now!

Mark Higham or is it Higman? saggy arsed jacked fronted pop driven over from Cornwall, Nice one Mark!

I loved this Bobber Chop right up my street and got my vote.

Another cool Chop this one my mr's voted for.

Well there were some nice cars around, some not so nice, some great cars around and some shyte.. oh and some cool Motorcycles/Choppers as we searched amongst the vast array of machines that go to make up the Nats on show day. If variety is ya bag then you sure get it at this show.

Well after we had exhausted the searching, we headed for the beer tent/shed for a rest, food and some alcoholic refreshment. We had all arranged, that we would go to the carvery up the road tonight for our evening meal so only one drink for now....Me and the Wife decided to go back to our caravan, we had just got back when the heavens opened. I felt so bad for the traders with all their goods out as they were now getting soaked and the food stalls etc as it wash just wild.... Eventually it did stop but the damage was already done.


What can ya do in a caravan in the rain eh ;o)... yeah fat chance!!

And it kept on coming....

I think everyone was getting thirsty after the down pour and said sod it lets have a drink and not bother driving to the Pub for the carvery tonight. So our evening meal we had a Cadac fest back at camp, under Gary and the guys gazebo, which was cool. The Cadac is a gas fired hot plate that you can cook anything on and we had a banquet, these guys are so organised it was like a military machine at work, they had everything to cater for every taste and eventuality, that was one of the hilights of the weekend for me..

The band tonight was to be an ABBA tribute band, to be honest even the real thing wouldn't of interested me, as I thought ABBA were crap even in their heyday, but that's who were on, so that's who we would be watching and listening to tonight, like em or not. We all went on mass to the Eentertainmant shed later. I remember some woman on stage taking her cloths off but that could of been later on that night, I cant remember as it is to much of a blur.

Up at the shed a few had got costumed up for the Nats annual fancy dress and there were quite a few strange sights I must say. I said to Woody.. man we share this planet with some strange folk don't we... and he said to me... "Hey it wouldn't do for us all to be the same".. which kinda made me a lot more tolerant of these weird folk. But I guess everyone is weird to someone!

After the rain had gone the Rodders came out, like maturing mushrooms.

John Price had been great all day as MC and how good must it be to be able to talk as he does to anyone and everyone. He is superb at his job and earns every penny. He always sounds so enthusiastic and is never dull to listen to, he was doing his magic all day and now was doing it again all night.. Great guy!

ABBA did nothing for me, but the night was still great fun with, Woody, Gary, Mick, Dave, Rob and Andy and their families who we now set up camp with at the Rod Runs, they are real good company and even if they think we are a bunch of twats they still make us feel welcome ;o)... Making the Rod runs so much more fun.

Thats what is great about this run or shall we call it NASC end of season party, is you can enjoy the Sunday cus you dont go home until the Monday, unlike any other Run, where Sudnay is just a day waiting to pack up and go home. We had a ball, great company, some great entertainment, both with the cars and in the shed. Over to quickly as with anything you enjoy, but I did feel I had done more this time, I just need to relax and talk with Rodders about their cars more..

So the journey home, as I had converted my Truck to run on LPG and taken the petrol carb off See photos etc here( not done the link yet). I had to keep the tank topped up, Tom Tom has this nifty app (buzz word) where you download some info that tells you where every gas station is that sells LPG... er only it is not without flaws. I was trying to fill up at around 200miles, well 160miles tripped over and I set the Tom Tom to find nearest LPG station, 6.5 miles perfect. We came off the A1 and into the gas station, but the pump wasnt working, so on to the next one 26miles Ok that will still be ok. But this time the gas station was undergoing rebuilding, but all was not lost 6 mile away was another...... frigging Tom Tom took us off the A1 again and then back on but going in the other direction... whaaa whaaa.. anyhow we get to the gas station, which coincidently was directly oposite the one that was under construction but on the North bound carraigeway... So now we I was getting panicky,, next one was 36miles... All I could do was carry on in search of LPG. Eventually Tom Tom directed us to a LPG outlet that we would nevr of found without it. I gassed up friggin Hell 90 ltrs I was so busy trying to wrok out the mileage that I forgot to take the pump nozzle out of the filler, thats Ok I will do it after I had paid, wont I.......... I came back to the Truck to find my Mr's shouting David David your phone quick, and all I could hear was a women screaming... bloody hell the stuff that went through my mind still gives me a cold sweat now. It sounded like my daughter screaming uncontrollably on the other end of the phone.. Jeez whats happened, I thought something terrible had happened or was happening and what could I do being so far away???? I was nearly sick with worry as I waited to find out what the drama was.......

It was only my mate Trev (Scooter trash) letting me know he had his Pod working and was out for a ride, asking me did I fancy going to the football tonight.. WTF..... I crapped myself and was shaking with worry, the screaming was some kids in the background messing about... So still with my herat pounding I set off and twang clatter bang, fuk I had forgotten to take the pump nozzle out of the Trucks filler neck. Twat.

I jumped out the cab expecting to find a ripped out pump pipe and a hefty repair bill, but they must have some kind of safety device as it seemed undamged, the attendent was no were to be seen so I quickly put it back in its holster and fucked off sharpish, though the rear wing now bears the scar and so does my pride!

Well that's about all I can remember but If I do remember more I will add it to this page later. That's what happens when you leave it to long after to do ya write up eh!! Seeya at the Hot Rod Drags!



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